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Tools for gear manufacturing

Discover the power of modern technology with JG Precision Tools. SKIVING+ are products developed to produce gears using the revolutionary Power Skiving method and Fellows’ chiselling method.

SKIVING+ – what do we specialise in?

JG Precision Tools is the Polish manufacturer of Fellows chisels, as well as revolutionary tools for Power Skiving. The SKIVING+ STANDARIZED line has been designed from the ground up for Power Skiving gear milling. It is a high-tech approach to machining that enables the production of complex tooth shapes, with exceptional precision and efficiency. Power Skiving combines peripheral milling and gear shaping by continuously ‘rolling’ the material with an axial feed. It thus guarantees high time and cost savings over traditional gear manufacturing methods.

JG Precision Tools also offers Fellows’ SHAPE+ range of chisels. The series is designed for the chiselling of straight or helical gears with internal and external serrations. It provides fast and reliable work under high loads.

Gear and spline chiselling with Fellows chisels is a very popular method for producing gears, especially internal gears. Due to the time and low efficiency of this meotode, chisels are mainly used for small and medium batch production.

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Why work with us?


We design tools with maximum precision in mind. In doing so, we achieve excellent tooth quality and dimensional accuracy. We offer tools with optimised geometries that ensure minimum dimensional tolerance and minimal in-tolerance deviation.


Thanks to advanced technologies and materials such as carbide, our power skiving tools provide high performance in the manufacturing process. Their design and carefully selected coatings reduce friction, which ensures less tool wear and longer tool life, while maintaining fast machining.


Our tools are adapted to the different types of materials to be machined. Whether you need tools for machining gears with straight, bevel or splines. We provide solutions to meet your requirements.


We are a flexible manufacturer, ready to adapt our tools to individual customer needs. Do you have special requirements regarding tooth geometry, materials or other machining parameters? We will be happy to assist you in ensuring the perfect adaptation to your requirements.

Technical support

We also offer technical support to our customers. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. We are ready to solve problems and provide advice and guidance on the optimal use of our tools.


We continuously invest in research and development to remain at the forefront of innovation in metalworking tools. We strive to introduce new technologies, materials and processes that can further increase productivity as well as the quality of our production.

Marek Dziuba

Head of construction department

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