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We have designed SHAPE+ tools for machining gears using the Fellows chiselling method.

This machining method allows external and internal gears with both straight and helical teeth to be produced. The tool is a chisel, which is shaped like a gear wheel. When chiselling teeth in a helical gear wheel using the Fellows method, the following movements are carried out: the working movement of the tool progressive-rotational along the tooth line, the rotational movement of the tool and the work wheel.

Narzędzie do dłutowania metodą Fellowsa


Gear chiselling is one of the most popular manufacturing methods. Chiselling makes it possible to machine gears with both external and internal serrations. Due to the nature of the work and the difficulty of hobbing internal serrations, chiselling is one of the main production methods for gears and splines with internal serrations, alongside broaching and the increasingly popular Power Skiving.

Fellows’ chisels are versatile tools that are not just limited to gear machining. They are also perfect for cutting internal serrations, both through and blind. They can be used to create toothed strips, as well as gears with a variety of toothing profiles – straight, bevel and roofed. Fellows chisels are also used in the machining of sprockets, pulleys and many other components. Their versatility and precision make them an indispensable tool in many industries.

Advantages of chiselling Fellows' method

High precision

The Fellows method provides a high degree of accuracy in the shape and dimension of the teeth, which is crucial for proper gear meshing.


Fellows chiselling allows a wide range of gears to be machined with different tooth profiles, straight and helical teeth, internal and external serrations.

High surface quality

Fellows chiselling provides a smooth and even tooth surface, which reduces wear and noise during gear operation.

Ability to process difficult materials

The Fellows method is suitable for machining hard and durable materials such as hardened steel.

Wide range of applications

The Fellows method is used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, engineering and energy.

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