What is Power Skiving?

Power Skiving
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Modern methods of producing gears differ significantly from typical machining methods. This is a field that requires specialized tools, created exclusively for the production of gears or shafts with teeth. Currently, the most productive method for peeling wheel teeth is Power Skiving.


What is Power Skiving?

Power Skiving is a high-speed technique for producing gears. It combines hobbing milling and gear shaping by continuously “rolling” the material with axial feed. The tool sometimes resembles a gear wheel or a Fellows chiseling tool. However, it has been specially designed so that after properly positioning it to the workpiece and integrating the rotations of the workpiece and the tool, the tool “meshes” with the workpiece, simultaneously performing machining work.

The Power Skiving method requires appropriate machining centers as well as fully synchronized spindles for highly dynamic production process conditions. During tooth peeling, the axes of the tool and the workpiece intersect, and the cross angle of the axes is crucial to cutting efficiency. The crossed axis system creates the relative speed between the tool and the workpiece. It is this movement that is used as the cutting movement.


Advantages and advantages over other methods

Power Skiving combines high efficiency and cost savings. The entire gear production process can be carried out using only one multifunctional machine tool. This translates into significant cost reduction. Moreover, it allows the processing of teeth from 6 to even 12 times faster than standard methods. That is, compared to Fellows slotting or hobbing. It also provides greater flexibility and better quality compared to the above-mentioned methods.

Source: dr H. Stadtfeld, Power Skiving of Cylindrical Gears on Different Machine Platforms, Gear Technology, styczeń/luty 2014, s. 55

As shown in the illustration above, the tool contact during tooth machining is multi-level. This means that the tool works more efficiently and machining is smooth. Of course, with less load than in the case of machining by chiseling or milling.


Reliable technology in gear machining

Thanks to the technological development of machine tools, Power Skiving is currently a method that significantly improves the speed, reduces costs and also increases the quality of machining many types of gears. At JG Group, we have developed a series of tools from the Skiving+ line, with parameters tailored to the individual needs of each recipient. When designing, we were guided by the goal of creating durable cutters that can work under high loads for a long time. See for yourself how our tools will work in your company.

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