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Power Skiving
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Power Skiving is a technologically advanced machining approach that enables the production of complex tooth shapes with exceptional precision and efficiency. Combined with appropriate tools, this method opens up new opportunities for manufacturers who are looking for innovative solutions for the production of high-quality crown wheels and gears.

Since the inception of the concept of Power Skiving in 1910, this method has been recognized as potentially more efficient than the traditional slotting method for machining most internal gear wheels. However, the widespread implementation of this method became possible only when milling machining centers were created that enabled the synchronization of the rotation of the tool with the workpiece. This is an essential element of this technology, requiring the use of properly matched machining centers and spindles that are fully synchronized with each other.

Thanks to full synchronization in the machining process, the tool engages with the workpiece. It is pushed axially towards its axis, its front (often called a chisel) peels off the profile of the wheel being produced. During the process of creating the ring gear, the cutting speed Vc is generated by the appropriate inclination of the tool during machining, and consists of:

  • tool feed relative to the workpiece axis,
  • rotational speed of the workpiece and tool (the proportion resulting from the gear ratio is imposed),
  • angle between tool and workpiece (typically between 15° and 25°)


Drawing 1. Values ​​that make up the cutting speed


Efficient technology guaranteeing excellent precision

Power Skiving has attracted particular interest from gear manufacturers for several reasons. First, it is a high-productivity method that potentially outperforms traditional methods in terms of speed and efficiency. Secondly, widespread implementation of Power Skiving has only become possible relatively recently. Why? The current development of milling machining centers enables precise synchronization of tool rotation with the rotation of the workpiece. It is crucial for the proper course of the cutting process and for achieving optimal results.

As a manufacturer of Power Skiving tools, we offer our customers benefits that translate into improved efficiency and production quality. We produce tools made of sintered carbide or high-speed steel for finishing. Thanks to advanced design and production methods, we are able to provide tools of the highest quality.

1. Precision

We design tools to ensure maximum precision. We achieve excellent quality and dimensional accuracy of the teeth. We offer tools with optimized geometries that ensure minimal dimensional tolerance and minimal deviations within tolerance.

2. Performance

Thanks to advanced technologies and materials such as sintered carbide, our Power Skiving tools ensure high efficiency in the production process. Their design and carefully selected coatings reduce friction, which ensures less tool wear and longer tool life, while maintaining fast processing.

3. Multi-aspect

Our tools are adapted to various types of processed materials. Regardless of whether you need tools for machining straight, helical or splined gears. We provide solutions that will meet your requirements.

4. Customization

We are a flexible manufacturer, ready to adapt our tools to the individual needs of customers. Do you have special requirements regarding tooth geometry, materials or other processing parameters? We will be happy to help you ensure a perfect match to your requirements.

5. Technical support

As a manufacturer of Power Skiving tools, we also offer technical support to our clients. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. We are ready to solve problems and provide advice and tips on how to optimally use our tools.

6. Innovation

At our company, we continually invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation in metalworking tools. We strive to introduce new technologies, materials and processes that can further increase the efficiency as well as the quality of our production. JG Group Power Skiving tools are used in various industries. Including, among others: in the automotive, aviation and energy industries. We provide tools that contribute to increased competitiveness and production capacity.


JG Group – a proven partner for cooperation

If you are looking for advanced tools for Power Skiving, we are ready to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a customized solution tailored to your business. We are confident that our tools and technical support will help you achieve excellent results in your ring and gear machining process, giving you an advantage in the market. Trust our experience and the quality of our Skiving+ tools, and start a new era of precision and efficiency in the production of gear elements.

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