5-axis centric vises – what should you consider when choosing the best option?

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5-axis centric vises


The market of 5-axis centric vises for CNC machine tools offers several dozen solutions offered by companies from all over the world. What should you consider when choosing the best solution tailored to your needs?

The vise market in Europe is dominated primarily by German manufacturers who offer their solutions in various price ranges. When deciding to purchase an appropriate 5-axis vise, it is worth considering, apart from technical parameters and price, practical aspects, including usability, configuration options and, above all, durability. What exactly is worth paying attention to?

When considering the available options, at first glance you can see a significant price discrepancy between the products. Not all of these prices are influenced by the quality of the materials used or the way they are created.

Our Humm Clamp 5-axis centric vises are durable products in which we have adapted the production process accordingly. We took a new approach to their design, focusing primarily on quality and durability. All elements are made of solid material. We do not use castings. The bodies of our vises are made of carburizing material, while the jaws have a hardness of 40 HRC. In turn, the replaceable tooth inserts, just like the bodies, are made of durable and hard material, with higher parameters than the jaws. The use of durable, abrasion-resistant materials has allowed us to significantly extend the life of our centric vises.


5-axis centric vises – what additional aspects are worth paying attention to?

The vise should be primarily useful for the CNC operator. Its process should be stable, fast and without downtime. Therefore, in our vises we have eliminated the phenomenon of twisting and lifting the jaws during work. This way, there are no situations where, when tightening the machining block, the jaws start to lift and the detail is no longer mounted in the right position. How does this affect work efficiency?

CNC operators waste a lot of time trying to simply set the cube, adding various types of washers. In this time they could have started working long ago without having to face such challenges and problems. Yet in every industry, work efficiency and valuable time are crucial.

By choosing Humm Clamp 5-axis centric vises, you gain another important utility. All jaws and inserts are sold separately or in sets. In most cases, during operation, the jaws and inserts wear out faster than the bodies. Why then replace entire vices if their base is fully functional? What if the operator accidentally damages his jaw while working? That’s why we offer our vises for parts, with the additional option of configuring the type of jaws and inserts.

If you are interested in the exact specification of our vise, visit the “5-axis centric vises” tab on the website. For more information, please visit our office or contact us by phone or e-mail.

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