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5-axis centric vises


HUMM CLAMP modular 5-axis centric vises with replaceable jaws and toothed inserts are a revolution on the clamping systems market. Our non-standard approach to 5-axis vises ensures material and time savings. We guarantee a stable production process in your company.

Easy and quick replacement of key components without tools. Stable grip, no twisting, lifting or blocking of the jaws, and high repeatability and clamping force. These are the features that characterize the HUMM CLAMP series of centric vises and make our CNC milling machine vises ideal for working in difficult conditions.

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Effective clamping system

There is no twisting, lifting or locking of the jaws in our 5-axis vises. An additional advantage is very high repeatability (+/-0.01) and high clamping force (35 kN). Despite gripping a very small workpiece area, our Humm Clamp series ensure high stability and no tearing of elements.

Replaceable vise elements

What if the CNC operator damages his jaw while working? Thanks to our replaceable jaw system, you do not have to buy the entire centric vise, but simply replace its damaged part.


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