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VHM milling cutters from Humm Mill series. Why did we call them like hummingbirds? The hummingbird, despite being the smallest bird, has unrivaled speed, making it the fastest bird in the world. The frequency of precise movements of its wings is approximately 80-90 per second.

It was this extraordinary bird and its speed and precision of flight that became the inspiration for the creation of our, no less unique, collection of HUMM MILL cutters. They are characterized by the highest milling accuracy.

Check out all our cutters available in a wide range of diameter variants and variable blade geometry.


Frezy VHM do metalu Humm Mill

What carbide cutters do we offer?

JG Precision Tools carbide end mills are offered in a wide range of diameter variants and variable blade geometry. Each series is adapted to process different materials, including: steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum and titanium alloys.

All milling cutters we make are sold with PVD coatings, which we apply in our production plant. In addition, the specifications of the cutters on our website describe the hardness of the materials for which we have adapted them and their PVD coating.

All our Humm Mill series cutters are available below.

Do you prefer a traditional catalog?

No problem! Take a look at our catalog prepared as a PDF file. Remember that all the same information is available on our website as in the catalog, and we also post a lot of promotional photos and videos.



Frezy VHM do metalu Humm Mill

The most important functions of VHM milling cutters for metal from the Humm Mill series

Milling cutters with drill functions

The specially designed Gasha geometry allows work on a 45-degree ramp. The tool works like a drill and a milling cutter. This means that in practice it allows you to reduce the number of tools needed and saves the time needed to replace them and retool the machine.

Milling cutters for high-speed machining

They are equipped with a double, stepped flute. They are distinguished by an ultra-smooth PVD coating with an oxidation temperature exceeding 1200 degrees Celsius. The tools are very resistant to abrasion and adhesion.

Milling cutters for aluminum

The Humm Alu series has been designed to work with aluminum alloys. We have increased the core thickness to maintain higher stiffness and eliminate the possibility of pulling the tool away during heavy machining.

Ball cutters

Two- and four-edge blades with an optimized "S"-shaped cutting edge. Their geometry has been optimized for machining highly hardened steels.


Humm SC-ASP have three blades with uneven pitch, and each blade has additional variable rotation. The combination of these two factors results in quiet and smooth operation, without vibrations.

Universal cutters

The Uni series has been properly prepared to enable work with very different materials. The cutter from this series is perfect for machining both cast iron and steel with a hardness of up to 44 HRC.

Thread milling cutters

Our DT series of milling cutters has a special geometry that allows you to make a thread with solid material without the need to make a pilot hole. Due to low cutting resistance, such milling cutters are much more durable than traditional taps.

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