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Monolithic cutters

Milling is currently one of the most popular types of machining. Monolithic milling cutters are most often used for this purpose. During milling, material is removed with great precision and accuracy, creating complex shapes that are impossible to achieve using other methods. This makes this method considered one of the most efficient. Mainly due to the possibility of achieving an excellent surface with low roughness.


What is the simplest way to define milling?

This is giving the material/detail the shape we want, which is done while working on milling machines. Multi-flute cutters enable an efficient cutting process and can be used on flat or shaped surfaces. One of the groups of cutters that our company also produces are monolithic cutters. They are made of one piece of metal, unlike folding cutters, which are made by joining together several parts of the appropriate shape.

Due to the fact that milling cutters are popularly used in numerically controlled devices, the application requires that these tools are resistant to forces, abrasion and the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, monolithic milling cutters are most often the best choice for milling on CNC milling machines. When selecting the appropriate type of cutters, the rule is that the tool should be much harder than the material being cut. Therefore, solid carbide milling cutters can be used for milling titanium alloys, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, as well as for roughing and general machining.


Our company’s monolithic VHM milling cutters

JG Precision Tools (a manufacturer of cutting tools) offers 10 different series of monolithic milling cutters, each of which has a different application. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions made of sintered carbide, but that’s not all. We produce cutters at the special request of our clients, tailored to individual needs, including modern ceramic cutters.

Our solutions include:

  • Humm Steel cutters that also have a drill function. By combining milling and drilling, they reduce the number of tools needed and save extremely valuable production time.
  • Humm Inox cutters with reinforced edge and staggered clearance angles. Their unique design allowed us to minimize the picking up and troweling of material with the rear part of the cutter.
  • Humm Ball and Humm Ball Q ball end mills with S-shaped cutting edges. Thanks to this, they enable very gentle and smooth work in the processed material.
  • Trochoidal cutters for high-speed machining, adapted to work in hard materials. These tools are very resistant and resistant to adhesion and abrasion.
  • Humm Alu series cutters for machining aluminum alloys, adapted to work thanks to the appropriate core thickness.



Monolithic ceramic cutters

One of the latest high-end innovations are ceramic cutters. The demand for them is growing due to the increasingly common use of nickel alloys in the aviation industry. Despite the high hardness of carbide cutters, they are insufficient for efficient work in nickel alloys. Ceramic cutters allow you to work 20 to 30 times faster. Why?

Mainly due to the physical properties of ceramics, which do not heat up. When milling with ceramics, it is interesting to see how the chips become red hot and the cutter remains cool. Depending on individual needs, we offer ceramic cutters adapted to the specific nature of our clients’ activities.


PVD coatings – support the durability of cutters

Coating cutters with special coatings is one of the solutions that is intended to push their durability limits and increase work efficiency. Our customers increasingly expect higher performance and lower final costs from milling cutters. This is not only a matter of production, but also the policy of sustainable development, which is increasingly implemented by Polish enterprises.

At JG Group, we have state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees extremely hard PVD coatings. We offer three types of our proprietary PVD coatings: M-lox, D-Lox and H-Lox. These are coatings dedicated to cutting tools such as drills, milling cutters, reamers, lathe cutters and can be applied to various materials, including elements made of sintered carbide, metals, nitrides and borides.

All the coatings mentioned above are applied using Sputter technology. This method involves evaporating the coating from the cathodes and spraying it onto the tools. The advantage of spraying technology is that it provides an extremely smooth surface free from defects. This means that there are no drops on the surface, which significantly reduces the stress forces in the coating and extends the durability and service life of such a coating.


Stable production process in your company

Do you care about an efficient and stable production process in your company? Check out our monolithic cutters. As a manufacturer of cutting tools, we have developed a series of tools from the Humm Mill line, with a wide range of diameter variants and variable blade geometry.

If you are interested, please contact our office. We will be happy to provide you with all the details.

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