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Serial production of back-angled chamfering tools


chamfering tools


Serial production of special tools is no stranger to us. The graphic shows the back-angled chamfering tools prepared by our company.

Look how small these tools are. The effects of their work can be viewed under a microscope or through a magnifying glass. What counts in their operation is the smallest precision, accuracy and repeatability.

A chamfer is a cutting tool used to make chamfers on workpieces. A chamfer is a slanted, straight or arcuate jump at the edge of an object. Reverse chamfers are a type of chamfers that have teeth pointing in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the tool. Thanks to this, the chamfer is performed immediately after the tool leaves the workpiece.

  • Elimination of spatters

Due to the fact that the chamfer is performed immediately after the tool leaves the workpiece, there is no possibility of material particles detaching and causing spatters.

  • Increased efficiency

Reverse chamfers can perform the chamfer in one move, which allows for increased machining efficiency.

  • Reducing tool wear

Reverse chamfers are exposed to lower loads than front chamfers, which reduces tool wear.

If you are interested in tools for the aviation industry, our experts have experience in designing and manufacturing tools that meet even the most stringent requirements. Please contact us!



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