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As a company specializing in the production of the highest quality cutting tools, we are proud to announce that we will take part in the upcoming EMO Hannover 2023! This is a unique event in the world of the metal processing industry, which is an ideal opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge. And additionally, a presentation of our latest achievements.


What is EMO Hannover?

EMO Hannover is an international exhibition of tool machines, metalworking technologies and industrial innovations. It is a place where manufacturers, engineers, industry experts and enthusiasts from around the world gather to present and learn about the latest trends, technologies and solutions in the field of metal processing. This year, the event will take place on September 18-23 at the Hannover fairgrounds.


We are there for you!

We are pleased to announce that as JG Group we will also take part in the EMO Hannover 2023 Fair. This is a unique opportunity for us to share our passion for cutting tools with you. It is also an opportunity to present what innovations we have introduced in recent years. Our stand will be a real source of inspiration for everyone who is interested in metal processing, production and modern technologies.


What will we present during the event?

The fair will be an opportunity to present our Power Skiving solutions to a wider audience. Tools from the SKIVING+ line are intended for machining gears using the revolutionary Power Skiving method, which enables the production of complex and complex tooth shapes 6 to 12 times faster than traditional methods such as Fellows chiseling.

During the event, we will also present the current range of our brand, i.e. metal cutters from the HUMM MILL line, HUMM VIBRA anti-vibration knives, 5-axis centric vises with the HUMM CLAMP replaceable jaw system and HUMM HPC knives combining the technology of double plate pressure and cooling liquid supply directly into the cutting zone.

Additionally, we plan to present our new product, which is not currently available for sale. These are vending machines for dispensing tools with an extensive selection of components included in the machine. This will be the first opportunity to see premiere products enabling full control over the company’s tool resources, with an intuitive, multifunctional touch screen.


Visit our stand!

We cordially invite you to visit our stand during this event. You will find us in Hall 005, stand B94. We will be ready to talk, share knowledge and present our products. To receive free tickets to participate in EMO HANNOVER 2023, please click the button below and generate your ticket.