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Universal jaw



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Universal jaw of Humm Multi clamping systems for CNC machines.

The jaw was milled from solid material. Simple installation with one screw makes it easy to quickly change the system.

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Height: 36mm
Key parameters of jaw HMS-75:
L (mm)A (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)X (mm)
  • Reduced weight of the strip by approximately 45% compared to the same strip made of steel.
  • Polyurethane filling dampens vibrations during operation.
  • Possibility of assembling several workpieces simultaneously, both raw and pre-machined.
  • A large range of detail clamping and versatility of use for elements of various sizes.
  • Quick and convenient attachment of the jaws to the strip with one screw.
  • Possibility of modular combination of systems side by side or in axis.
  • Humm Multi clamping systems are ideal for both horizontal and vertical machining centers.


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