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Standarized DIN 3960/III

Tooth profile 3960 mod. 2.5


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Tooth profile 3960 mod. 2.5

A cylindrical cutter from the Skiving+ Standardized line for creating gears using the modern Power Skiving method, made of sintered carbide (VHM) or high-speed steel (HSS-E / SPS).

It enables very advanced production of complex tooth shapes, with exceptional precision and high efficiency compared to standard machining methods.

  • Module: 2.5
  • Material: VHM or HSS-E/SPS
  • Coating: additional PVD coating available

In the table we have collected all information about tools with tooth module 2.5. A PDF product card with detailed specifications and high-resolution technical drawings is available in the downloads tab.

Carbide tools
ModuleZD0D1B1MaterialPVD coatingArticle number


High-speed steel tools
ModuleZD0D2D3HLMaterialPVD coatingArticle number
2.5328031,74524HSS-E / SPSnoneJGH.
2.5328031,74524HSS-E / SPSM-LoxJGH.
2.5328031,74524HSS-E / SPSD-LoxJGH.
2.5328031,74524HSS-E / SPSH-LoxJGH.



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