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Humm DT

CUTTER M10x1.5

CUTTER M10x1.5

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CUTTER M10x1.5

Humm DT thread milling cutter.

The specially designed geometry of the cutter allows for threading in full material without the need to drill a pilot hole. Due to low cutting resistance, Humm DT cutters are more durable than traditional machine taps and can be used on machines with lower power. An additional advantage of this series is the possibility of threading the bottom of the hole. Humm DT cutters are able to work in material with a hardness of up to 62 HRC.

  • Diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Thread: M10x1.5
  • Coating: H-Lox


D1DcDsLrLcZProduct No


MaterialOuter diameter (mm)M10x1.5
To 30 HRCspindle revolutions (min)3 200
feed (mm/min)179
30-44 HRCspindle revolutions (min)2 800
feed (mm/min)148
55 HRCspindle revolutions (min)2 300
feed (mm/min)113
62 HRCspindle revolutions (min)1 900
feed (mm/min)72


  • Simultaneous hole drilling and threading
  • Obtaining a complete thread profile to the bottom of the hole
  • Low cutting loads
  • Reduced risk of tool breakage during work
  • Ultra smooth PVD coating with an oxidation temperature of 1200°C, H-LOX type
  • Possibility of threading in very hard materials up to 62 HRC


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