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Humm Volu

CUTTER FI-12 C-0.15


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CUTTER FI-12 C-0.15

Cutter from the Humm Volu line for high-performance machining.

The tool is very resistant and resistant to adhesion and abrasion thanks to the use of special carbide. Thanks to its stepped chip flute, it ensures highly efficient machining of a wide range of materials. The cutters from the Humm Volu line are additionally covered with an ultra-smooth PVD coating with a high oxidation temperature of over 1200°C.

  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Material: VHM
  • Coating: H-Lox
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MaterialMachining parametersOuter diameter (mm)ø12
To 750 N/mm³3 Dc x 0.1 Dcspindle revolutions (min)7 605
feed (mm/min)5 700
To 30 HRC3 Dc x 0.1 Dcspindle revolutions (min)6 630
feed (mm/min)5 400
30-44 HRC3 Dc x 0.1 Dcspindle revolutions (min)5 800
feed (mm/min)4 200
Stainless steel3 Dc x 0.1 Dcspindle revolutions (min)4 500
feed (mm/min)2 000
Cast iron3 Dc x 0.1 Dcspindle revolutions (min)6 600
feed (mm/min)3 600


  • Double flute
  • Chip flute optimized for chip evacuation
  • Preparation of the cutting edge
  • Ultra smooth PVD coating with an oxidation temperature of 1200°C, H-LOX type


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