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5-axis centric vise from the HUMM CLAMP series.

JG Precision Tools centric vise with a jaw width of 125 mm and a working range of 0 – 195 mm. Thanks to the use of a system of replaceable jaws, our centric vises offer a wide range of applications.

  • High clamping force of 27 kN and high repeatability
  • Replaceable jaw system without tools
  • No twisting or lifting of the jaws during operation
  • Possibility of additional vice configuration
  • Guides to prevent transverse twisting of the jaws

Our centric vise set consists of the HC-125L body, the HCS-125 low jaw with ground side walls, and the compatible HCW-125 tooth insert.

Key parameters of the HC-125L-SET vice:


CodeWeight (kg)L (mm)H (mm)
A (mm)B (mm)X1 (mm)X2 (mm)
  • High clamping repeatability
  • High clamping force of 27 kN
  • Quick jaw replacement/rotation system
  • Guides to prevent transverse twisting of the jaws
  • Central positioning of the spindle screw
  • Body hardened and ground
  • Can be attached to a table using mounting claws
  • Various types of clip-on jaws
  • No lifting effect jaws when tightening the detail
  • Drainage holes chips and coolant
  • Working range: 0-95 mm and 93-180 mm
  • Possibility to install two details at the same time, thanks central jaw HCSC-125
  • No “blind spot” in the jaw spacing
  • Possibility to make a base in compatible version with ZeroPoint APS, WPS, ZeroAct, QuickPoint Lang 96 mm


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