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Turning holders with cooling system



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The turning knife from the Humm Turning HPC line is available in two types – left or right.

  • Multi-point plate pressing system, improving mounting stability
  • Coolant supply system with a maximum pressure of 10 Bar
  • A quick and easy way to assemble and disassemble the tile


Dimensions (mm)


Spare parts
ConnectorPlate supportingScrew supportingWrenchPlate
Coolant connection systems available
CodeConnector type
RD10G 1/8″ K 90M8x1 K0
RD11G 1/8″ K 90M10x1 K0
RD12G 1/8″ K 90M5x0.8 K0
RD13G 1/8″ K 90M6x1 K0
RD14G 1/8″ K 90M8x1.25 K0
RD15G 1/8″ K 90M10x1.5 K0
RD16G 1/8″ K 90G 1/4″ K90
RD17G 1/8″ K 90G 1/2″K0
RD18G 1/8″ K 90G 1/8″ K90
RD19G 1/8″ K 90G 1/2″K0
RD20G 1/8″ K 0G 1/2″K0

K0 – straight, K90 – angled 90º

  • Very high quality of the materials used.
  • Multi-point plate clamping system improving mounting stability.
  • Precise coolant supply system with a pressure of max. 10 Bar.
  • Increased durability of the inserts thanks to precise cooling and stable mounting.
  • Easier way to assemble and disassemble the tile.


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