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The range of 5-axis Humm Clamp vises is constantly expanding. More and more customers are approaching our company with specific inquiries and the need to modify individual vises. This means that we are constantly working on improving our clamping system solutions and introducing new items. What can you find in our range of 5-axis centric vises and what are their design features? Read on!

Let’s start with the most important thing, which is the modular design. Easy replacement of jaws without tools and the possibility of changing the toothed insert improving the grip of the part means that we offer Humm Clamp vises “for parts”. Customers can choose any jaws and inserts for the body. We also offer ready-made “sets” consisting of a body and a set of classic low jaws and inserts with one row of teeth. However, we give complete freedom in configuring the vise. Everything depends on individual needs. Importantly, vises from the Humm Clamp series do not have to be purchased in their entirety. For example, our customers can order one body and three different sets of jaws, or purchase only jaws or inserts if the old ones were accidentally damaged during work on the machine.

Gotowy set imadła Humm Clamp

What you need to know about ready-made vise “sets”

We currently offer five different vise bodies, which means that we can offer you five ready-made “sets” consisting of a body and a set of low jaws and classic toothed inserts. Three of them are vises adapted for 5-axis machining. The jaws meet in the middle of the vise. They are available in dimensions of 80 mm and 125 mm width (in standard and long versions). The remaining two “sets” are vises with a fixed jaw. One of the jaws remains in one position, making the vise more repeatable and precise. On our website they are marked with the suffix “FJ” (from the English “fixed jaw”). Depending on your needs, we can modify the vise mounting on the table. We manufacture bases compatible with ZeroPoint APS, WPS, ZeroAct, UNILOCK and QuickPoint Lang 96mm.

Each ready-made Humm Clamp vise “set” is complete and ready for use. The vise body consists of 5 elements and already has a mechanism for mounting the jaws and adjusting them in two directions. It has been designed to transfer the largest loads from top to bottom. This reduces wear and tear on the guides. The jaw mounting is a proven dovetail clamp. Thanks to this approach, the jaws are pressed against the body when clamping the workpiece, minimizing the phenomenon of their lifting. The method of mounting also prevents the jaws from coming out of the body during work. The last element of the whole puzzle is the toothed inserts. They are not, of course, essential for machining workpieces. However, their use allows the operator to achieve a stronger grip with a clamping force exceeding 35 kN. This is an ideal solution for fast and aggressive machining without the need for prior planning of the surface of curved workpieces.

Jaws and inserts for vises, or wide configuration possibilities

JG Precision Tools offers five types of jaws and five different toothed inserts. We also have system inserts. We are already in a hurry to answer what each product is adapted for. HCS-80 and HCS-125 jaws are so-called standard jaws. They are the lowest among those available in our offer, but they are fully sufficient for most customers. This is definitely the most popular item in our offer. If the size of the workpiece makes it impossible to machine in standard jaws, we offer so-called high jaws marked with the letter “W”. They are 15 mm higher.

Szczęki do imadeł Humm Clamp

All jaws in our offer are adapted for 5-axis machining. However, we have a jaw with the suffix “5X”, whose dimensions have been appropriately modified. This gives the operator easier access to the workpiece when the table is tilted. In addition, we also offer a raw and system jaw. The first one is a semi-finished product. The customer can machine it into any shape to perfectly fit the specific dimension of the workpiece being machined. On the other hand, the system jaw allows the part to be gripped at an angle, thanks to appropriately clamping system inserts. We have equipped the jaw with eight insert mounting points to increase the flexibility of gripping the part. Each jaw, with the exception of the raw jaw, undergoes a nickel-plating process to protect it from corrosion. The last item among the jaws is the so-called central jaw, which is not nickel-plated but carburized. It allows two workpieces to be gripped in one vise. It is equipped with non-replaceable teeth.

Tooth inserts, due to the possibility of using them for aggressive machining, are much harder than jaws. In their case, we are talking about hardness exceeding 62 HRC. Making a jaw with such parameters would be impossible or highly complicated. Therefore, we have used a modular design to eliminate such problems. We offer inserts adapted to all types of jaws, including additional inserts with two rows of teeth for gripping workpieces. This is a solution that our customers use for even more aggressive and faster machining. Two rows of teeth minimize the risk of tearing out the workpiece during machining.


Additional accessories for Humm Clamp vices

In the Humm Clamp vise catalog, we have also prepared several additional accessories for you:

  • 15 types of risers
  • 4 wedge stones and 2 base
  • resistance
  • paw
  • jaw cover


Videos of the operation and assembly of vises

Lack of knowledge about our product can potentially raise doubts. Will Humm Clamp vises work for me? After all, the lack of screw mounting can cause the jaws to lift or weaken the clamping of the workpiece in the jaws. To dispel any potential doubts, we invite you to watch videos of our presentations and our work. Watch and see if our clamping system is right for you.



If you are interested in the detailed specifications of our vise sets or their individual components, we warmly encourage you to visit the “5-axis centric vises” tab on the JG Precision Tools website. For more information, please contact our office.

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