Case study – implementation of a Power Skiving tool

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What does the process of each implementation look like in our company? In this case study, we will present the implementation of a Power Skiving tool for our regular client. We will tell you how we analyzed the client’s needs, designed the tool and carried out the production process. Check if we can also help your company develop tools tailored to individual requirements.

So here we go. Another project from our regular client, where we were asked to design and produce a tool for producing gears using the Power Skiving method. Key project details:

  • made of sintered carbide,
  • a shank-shaped tool,
  • high-performance PVD H-Lox coating with an oxidation temperature of 1200 ° C,
  • tool pressure angle – 20 degrees,
  • tooth module – 4.

What is Power Skiving? This is a modern approach to machining that enables the production of complex tooth shapes with previously unmatched efficiency. We described skiving technology in detail in one of our previous entries, so if you are interested in more details, check out our article “What is Power Skiving?” Now let’s move on to the implementation details.



Research of customer needs necessary for an appropriate project

What does such a beginning look like in practice? We start with contact with the client. We prefer telephone and in-person meetings to minimize any understatements. A long conversation, clarification of technical issues, deadline for implementing the tool at the client’s. We have it!

The result of each telephone conversation, also in this case, is technical documentation, which is sent to the client for approval. We wait a moment for the documentation to be approved and we can move on to the next stage. All we need to do is consult the designers with the technologist and the quality control department about the production process and the scope of activities and we move on to the best, but at the same time most difficult, task.



Preparation of the production process of the Power Skiving tool

When starting production, we start by preparing a program for the machine that will produce the tool and preparing the grinding wheel profile for grinding. The calculation scheme for obtaining a ready-made skiving tool is as follows:

Schemat obliczeń do uzyskania gotowego narzędzia - realizacja narzędzia do Power Skivingu.

Source: Manufacturing Process Skiving, 2020, ESCO GmbH

We start with the simplest step, i.e. filling in the table with all the gear parameters that we want to obtain. So that it is possible to generate a profile of the interdental space. The shape of the grinding wheel that we want to obtain is a reflection of the inter-tooth notch. The involute base wheel that we get is the basic element of the structure. It therefore constitutes the basis of the system for the remaining geometric elements and determines their location.

Based on the above parameters, we calculate the shape of the grinding wheel that we will use for grinding the nominal Power Skiving tool. Below is a table that characterizes the basic parameters of the grinding wheel.

The last design step is to compare and update the nominal profile obtained from grinding with the grinding wheel with the nominal profile of the gear wheel. After checking the compliance of the profile, we have a ready program and the shape of the grinding wheel.

We end the production process with tests and implementation at the customer. After the quality control approved the appropriate gear shape and all parameters, we have another satisfied customer!


Summary of our implementations

To sum up, a transparent production process and the possibility of comprehensive customer service are the tasks we set ourselves to implement the assumptions of our brand strategy. For this purpose, we have implemented a number of solutions, including: we have standardized contact with customers and shortened the offer time to 24 hours. This is our recipe for satisfied customers. Do you want to see for yourself how we run projects? Write to us with your problem or idea for a tool to be produced! JG Precision Tools is a trusted manufacturer of cutting tools in Poland.